The story of how Poland pushed our 7DFPS playcount over 10k.

Back in August, we created a game for the Seven Day FPS game jam called Vulpine 101. We released it, mostly forgot about it, and started working on other things. Something recently came to our attention, though; a Polish website called jeja uploaded our game to their site earlier this month.

Yeah, this looks legit.

Nothing new; We've had Vulpine uploaded to a bunch of small websites that take and embed games from game jams along with flash games and Angry Birds clones before. It usually gets one or two comments, several one star ratings, along with about 80 plays. Nothing substantial or anyth-


According to our analytics page, we've had ~6000 plays on the web version of vulpine alone, and likely ~1000 more on the standalone version. Since the beginning of this month, this random Polish site had 70% of the plays we had after 5 months.

Apparently just any person can upload a game onto the site. Checking the history of the dude who uploaded vulpine, he's got 3 other games that he likely grabbed from other game compos up there. We're fairly certain he's making money off of this.

Pretty sure that's not true.

But we're fine with him making money off of it. At least our names are still in it. In fact, everything in there is exclusively in English. I have no doubt that a good portion of Poland know a bit of English, but luckily the uploader has made a custom Polish synopsis of the game. Let's look at it with Google translate.

I'm more upset about the fact that they didn't add "press f to howl" than I am about the "The Fox" reference.

Vulpine 101 came out before the Ylvis "The Fox" craze, so we've managed to avoid all references until now. It's a solid description of the game, and translates surprisingly well. Something about the phrase "There is nothing to grieve" is really disconcerting, though.

Let's take a look at the game, shall we?

I worked hard on that logo. I'm glad a good portion of our playerbase will only ever see half of it.

Oh good god, it's embedded at the wrong resolution. Since Vulpine was such a rushed job, it's only made to run at a specific resolution; otherwise the UI goes and breaks itself. If you click any button other than the "Start" button, it brings you to a screen that you can't back out of ever:

At least "Press F to howl" is visable.

Below the game are a bunch of comments including people saying the game is great, people saying the game is awful, and a full on grammar war. One specific comment stands out among the rest.

Everything about this comment is confusing to me.

The website just gave out its Game of the Year awards, which include games that were uploaded to the site last year. This post is posted on a game uploaded this year. I've had some time to think about what this comment means.
There are three possibilities:

  • Our game won Game of the Year, and he is not surprised. (Unlikely: it didn't.)
  • Our Game didn't win Game of the Year, and he's not surprised and also bummed about it. (Hence the :\ )
  • Our game didn't win Game of the Year, and he's not surprised seeing how poorly made it is. (The most likely scenario.)

Anyway, that's the crazy story of how our game got almost the same amount of plays on a random Polish site as it did on the site we made it for.

Until next time.
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