Progress on the prototype!

We made a ton of progress this week, and I'm happy to share some of it with everybody. The prototype has early versions of almost every system we plan to implement!

Day/Night Cycle

Day/night cycle Apologies for the over-compressed Gif. The day/night cycle has been implemented! It's a bit unrefined at the moment.

Incubation system

Incubation system We made a bunch of progress on out incubation system. After capturing or defeating monsters, you can collect eggs from them to make pets. As the egg ages, you can see a visual change inside of it via the incubator.

Egg Habitation

Egg habitation When your eggs are placed in the egg box, you can see it's general age and temparature at any time. The idea is that different temperatures/charms and ages at hatching can have different effects on your monsters. Choosing to hatch an egg early can benefit specific stats where hatching it late benefits others.

Egg Hatching

Egg hatching This is our early stages of hatching. Once you decide to hatch your egg, you gently crack it open and a pet is born.

Pet Commands

Pet commands We got simple follow/Stay AI for pets finished.


Combat This is the most recent build of our combat. We have enemy AI and damage working. It's kind of hilariously early.