Environments and Fairies.

We made good progress this week, as we continue finishing the prototype by the end of next month. There have been lots of additions to the environments, audio, and general gameplay polish. Unfortunately, there isn't any showable progamming progress, although there should be plenty soon!

Hanging cages

Cage Props and Dungeon decoration These are hanging cages in the dungeon; placed to give the area more vidual intrest. I'm hoping to place some sort of animal in these in the future.


Lava We're using lava as a light source in the dungeon to give it more of a natural feel as opposed to lighting everything with torches.

Church Environment

Church environment Dusty church.


Fairies Night sucks in every game. So we decided to do something to spice it up. When night falls, fairies appear and give off a glow. This should help to make night more lively and fun to do things in. They still need some tweaking, though.