Art Update #1

Hey. Josiah here. The artist for Clockwork Giant. I figured that I could write a post about the art of Vulpine. This is something I'll do every now and then to keep everybody up to date.

Now, with that out of the way, let me catch you up with what I've been doing.



Playable animals!

Currently, we have three types of playable animals available. Small, Medium, and Large. I chose Rabbit, Fox, and Bear to represent these catagories for now. Each type of animal has 40 animations so far. We'll see how many I make by the end of all this.



Each size of animal has more than just one animal, you know? These are three of the medium sized variants: Wolf, Fox, and Fennec Fox. Wolf and Fennec aren't hooked up quite yet, so this is just their models. Variants all play the same with very small differences, and can wield every weapon.

Oh hey speaking of weapons


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There are 12 weapons in Vulpine right now, with more on the way. There are 3 weapon types: Spear, Sword, and Hammer. We'll talk more about weapons and combat soon.

Environmental Art


Building I've made 10 building pieces for our building system in 3 different materials

Flora and Others

There's a lot of environmental stuff in Vulpine right now.
Flora That's not even everything, I had trouble fitting some of them in frame. Vulpine has a couple bushes, 6 harvest-able plants, 12 rocks, and 23 trees. I've been focusing on characters and animations for the majority of the last couple months, so I'm hoping to get more plants done over the next month. Trees, flowers and other clutter plants. That sort of stuff.

Well, that about wraps it up for this update. There's more I'd like to show, but it's not quite ready yet. Overall, I think we're making good progress for only 3 months in. I'm excited to show you more as we create it.

Oh, and hey. Be sure to follow us on twitter. We do a Screenshot Saturday every week where we show off our latest bits of development.